Friday, February 6, 2009

To Rocko's Modern Life

Oh, Rocko, how you drew a smile on my childish face!
Your cross-eyed stare, your humorous voice

And Heffer,
the stupidity in animation made me glance past
your rather circular shape
and i always wanted
those red suspenders

Nickelodeon betrayed thousands of kids
just like me
who would spurt milk out of their nose at dinner time
while watching Rocko's Modern Life,
the cartoon of tilted houses and gnarly spurts of pastel colors.

you took away Rocko and Heffer.
No more colorful prime time.

My childhood remains within the sketches,
the VHS tapes,
resting in peace within backroom vaults.

1 comment:

Salty Duck said...

yes! it is such a shame they took it off the air.