Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Go Ahead, Call the PO-PO!!!

THE GREATEST thing happened today!

I thoroughly enjoy car rides with multiple friends, consisting of dancing in a retarded fashion. What an art! What a joy! Life brought about one of these today after school. Sarah was the driver of her fabulous SACHL, while Shannon, Mike, Anna, and I were the passengers of transportive destiny towards the mystical and zesty El Cerro Azul. Music of the gods amplified from the speakers of righteousness (this music would happen to be 3oh!3, the most dance inspired music of today). 60 looked gorgeous and uplifting as we strolled down in pure delight, jerking our bodies caused by our brains' chemical reaction to blaring and animated soundwaves.
Then it stopped. A woman in the lane beside us, driving a red saburban with kid in passenger seat (eating TWIZZLERS!!! what a lucky son of a gun), glared at my friends and i with possessed demonic pupils. To share our love of dance and music, we looked at her, just trying to share the common love of having a good time. Instead, the woman took great offense to our fun that she rolled down her window, cell phone in hand, and yelled, "I AM REPORTING YOU TO THE POLICE!!"



Some people have a low toleration towards public display of physical dance and happiness.

It's a car full of teenagers! What did she expect?

....It's always an adventure.


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Kelley said...

Clearly this lady needs some happiness in her life! Maybe SHE should eat some twizzlers...

YesNoMaybeSo said...

i agree ms deep!!! she's due for a nice pack of twizzlers!

Beth said...

As the mom, I'm not sure how to react to this...or the fact that I have learned about it on THE INTERNETS.