Monday, August 10, 2009


As human beings, we can do a lot.

But without God, we are without direction, right?

What are we capable of as His children?

I've been trying to figure out what His plan for me, at this moment in time, is.

I dont' really listen to Christian music anymore. It's not because I think it's bad, or stupid, or's just that I feel He wants me to search somewhere else, search somewhere deeper. Because God cannot be summed up in a song, or all the music in the world.

But...maybe He's also trying to tell me that the gift He granted, music, is something I need to expand my concentration on.

My drumset is crappy. HAHA but I'm thankful for it. I think it's made me a better player...because I have to work harder to get a better sound. Whenever I play on nice sets, it blows me away. How sensitive they are, how responsive they are to your musicality. And I realize that a new set is not what I need right now. That's so much money!!!

What I need to do, is just keep learning, learning, learning. And listening to music. MAKE music, not just run it.

the end.