Monday, June 15, 2009


Yesterday I was baptized.

And to be completely honest...I don't have words to truly describe the feeling of being in the water, feeling connected with God, and saying that Jesus is Lord infront of many family members and friends. My dad came which was pretty awesome.

It's....amazing. The memories of where I was in the fall, and how much HE HAS CHANGED ME INTO A HAPPIER BEING is overwhelming. When I went under water was the only time a tear came down my face, but other than that, I was attempting to keep it in.

To see my sister baptized before me. How we have followed this healthy path of recovery...and all because of Christ...ahhh gosh it's indescribable.

So many adults, grown men and women, being vulnerable for God and crying because the emotion of Jesus smiling at us is amazing. There was such a genuine nature that day. So many stories, so many lives, so many broken hearts being put back together, piece by piece, and in a restored form. Awesome awesome awesome!

My baptism is my favorite memory of life so far.

I can't forget it.

Dry, empty-
no longer am I.
Christ caught my misery,
making it into light.

And as the water,
the cool river stream
is used for Your glorification.
We bury ourselves deep,
arising with victorious declaration-

Jesus is Lord!
Jesus is Lord!

Son of earth and of heaven,
How do You make the sun bounce onto our faces,
while the river's ripples glaze over death's dust?
Amazing us.

We are illuminated by mercy,
highlighted by creation's beauty.

The Might One, God, The Lord
speaks and summons the earth
from the rising of the sun
to the place where it sets

Your love cleanses,
Your love is this stream!
Reflections of ourselves,
Your Children,

Jesus is Lord!
Jesus is Lord!