Saturday, February 14, 2009

A blunt, simple, (perhaps cheesey?) poem I wrote

Take my pain,
free my brain

it's lost tonight
but I know I'm found in Your sight

Calm my shaking arms,
grip my descending soul,
God I'm giving up my cross,
You have all control.

and when my eyelids shine with those tears filled with fears,
Your holiness cures my loneliness

even if there's no clean water in my heart's desires,
Your wall of defense halts these running addictions
from an affliction's fire

You give me everlasting peace,
because you know I'm tired.

God I might not deserve to be granted such a beautiful gift,
but You so loved the earth its in Christ's blood I live,
I might feel done but the Holy One allows love to run in me.

So You take my pain,
my hurt,
my hate.

Jesus, You free my brain,
from the chains of earthly remorse.

I'm found in Your sight,
eternal light.

Lord You sacrificed,
so I am healed forevermore.


Sykes Kid said...

not cheesey.

the Lord is our truth, and our only truth.

"Jesus, You free my brain,
from the chains of earthly remorse."


Beth said...

Love you, Jenn. No cheese in that.

Kelley said...

You..and your words...are a gift.... to me for sure. I feel privileged to know you... xoxo

firebird said...

Blunt, simple, but goes straight to the heart. Not have your own unique way of writing!
This would make a really good song lyric.