Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Already I miss the summer air,
its embrace around my perspiring freedom.
Enough of this bitter sting, Current Breeze!
Calling on the elevated clouds to smile with white instead of gray,
my calendar tells me that winter is here to stay.

Already I'm losing memory of that sensation,
of being lifted by a thousand hands,
while hearing the anarcho punks yell into their sweat induced microphones.
Speakers blaring out any noise in my mind,
grass stains drawn onto my t-shirt as I land in green life's patch.

Already I am excited,
about the sound of crickets chirping tremendously,
the organized chaos of night.
Moon, above, is crooning peaceful booming tune,
forcing eyes to stare at its creative complexion.

Already I await trees' prime,
when children climb, and see the massive world from smaller eyes.
Trees being comforted more because shade they provide,
and keeps our skin cool in scorching light.

Already I miss summer,
the memories and dreams produced,
the people left in its realm,
the tan tone and red ground.

Already, my heart jumps about for summer.
Be gone, chilly weather.


Salty Duck said...

mmm why is it not summer right now. its so cold and gloomy outside :(

Sykes Kid said...

oh summer :)

would you go to warped tour?
i'm praying for an internship with To Write Love on Her Arms and i really feel like God is calling me to warped tour!

it has been on my mind for over a year now.

YesNoMaybeSo said...

I LOVE WARPED TOUR! I've only been once, but I believe its a pretty underrated festival. Whats great about it is that they have so00o0o many causes there- when I went last summer I visited the To Write Love on Her Arms tent! If God's calling for you to do it, then go for it! That would be an awesome experience!

firebird said...

Love your way with words! Beautiful images in this poem...and the feelings are also so vivid--very well done!

Phillip L. Velez said...

Very nice poem. Reading it makes me look forward to this coming summer. Thank you for sharing. Thanks also for your comments on my spiritual blog.

All the best,