Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I want to ride my bicycle! bicycle!!

I'm in love with my bike again.

Here he is....(drum roll please)...Stuart the bicycle!!!!!

Isn't he a beaut? A 97 Mongoose. Yeah, I know, vintage!

Over the summer I rode my bike for a few miles every other day. After I went to warped tour and other shows, I discovered all my energy was expressed through the thrill of live music. Coming home at three to five o'clock on almost three days of the week wears you out! Since the weather's been loopy and changing from hot to cold every other second (global warming I tell you!), my hobby of bike riding has sort of died out even more. Until this past blessed Sunday, as I had posted a few days ago, I hopped on and took off in spite of my spontaneity!

Everyday gets a little more dangerous. I love riding down hills and releasing my grip from the handlebars, putting my arms in the air praying to God I don't hit a rock! It's so cool! I've been praying also in general that I let go of the steering wheel in my life and let the Lord have His way. Jesus take the wheeeeelll!!! hahaha

Ditches, natural ramps in my gravel driveway, and the usual accompaniment of vehicles or small animals all bring thrill and excitement to my times with Stuart on the road! But it is the trail in my woods that threatens my physical health the most (um...I don't own a helmet). Zillions of trees bombarding my face, the wheels of my bike collecting torn and dry leaves as they panic in the midst of zooming on soil, the random bumps and snaps of hidden tree trunks surprising my ears, and my gleaming face as I see the end of the trail draw near, my creek's visibility increasing.

I've noticed that reading the bible down there is pretty peaceful. The only thing I can say is that...well...when it gets darker the more noises pop up. I must be quiet down there, since I sit on a towel reading God's word and all the sudden I see a deer, or hear some creepy animal calls. When I was younger I used to be really afraid and run FAST when I'd hear these sounds, but now I'm not nearly as afraid. From now on when I get the opportunity I plan on doing A Call To Die down there. My concentration and isolation from home stresses are centered at the creek, and it also makes me READ differently...if that makes any sense. I absorb it more.

Then a question arose within me- doesn't God powerfully communicate through nature?

I think He does.


Vincent said...

In answer to your question at the end: yes. to me that is the most powerful way It communicates Itself to me, whatever It is. (I am part of it that's all I know.)

Vincent said...

Furthermore, I note your post title - a song by Queen, a kind of sequel or prequel to another song, "Fat-bottomed Girls", which I referred to in a post of mine called "Flat-bottomed Clouds". Are your their fan?

YesNoMaybeSo said...

Yes I thoroughly enjoy Queen!! When I was younger I was more into them, but yes what a great band. I'm glad you can relate to me on the feeling of connection between nature and ourselves! You're right, we are a part of it afterall, but some people might argue that as humans we can overrule nature and destroy it. Boo pollution!