Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Face of an Angel

Marissa Delano has the most amazing amazing amazing amazing face!!!! I LOVE HER! She's so totally rad because she reads some sweet vintage literature! And have you seen her style?! Incredible. Marissa is my math bud, we fail that class together in boredom yet happiness! If she wasn't in that class with me I would die of confusion.

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Salty Duck said...

plato talks about the 'world of forms'. this world exists separate from the material world (and according to plato, is actually more 'real'), and it is where we get the basis for all of our ideas. for instance, beauty. we can't actually define beauty, but we know it when we see if because the world of forms gives us the idea of what 'beauty' is suppose to look like. (sorry, im feeling philosophical today)

marissa has made the transition from the world of forms to the earthly world.

marissa is beauty. :)