Friday, February 19, 2010

Yesterday when Kelsey and I drove into our driveway, and my sister grabbed the mail, I recieved my acceptance letter to VCU! I couldn't stop screaming for hours. A huge weight is lifted off my shoulders, and the official notification of my acceptance brought me peace. Kelsey said that before she opened the mailbox, she spoke a tiny prayer in her head for me to hear back from VCU. CRAZY HUH?!

So, yes, now I just gotta apply for some dormage.

God definitely blessed me with granting the opportunity to hear back from them sooner than I had expected. Along with the letter, there was also another one from my friend Greg who I met on the World Changers mission trip. Exciting day! He is my brother in Christ and he always has encouraging words and stories to share. I'm thankful for our friendship!

My dad got me a job at VCU parking. This means that I will have to get up at four thirty every morning during the summer! Insane!!!! (I'm not looking forward to the exhaustion, but def the pay)

Anyhow, tonight I'm going to Hayley's eighteenth birthday party. She is so boss.

Well, gotta fill out this app. Peace to all!

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