Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Yesterday I found out that my Spring Break will be spent in NYC with my friend, Jessie, and my sister! So stoked, so happy! We bought our Lion King tickets today, which is also thrilling! All of us have watched the movie several times throughout our childhood (many...many times). It's ironic and maybe intended that this was the Broadway play for us to go see, because by graduating it is the "end" of my childhood.

So, besides that exciting news I have been applying for jobs. Mainly in Westchester Commons. Surprisingly enough many shops there are hiring, and surprisingly many of hte managers were there today when I went to go introduce myself. AND SURPRISINGLY the greatest chance I have as of now is a job at GameStop. INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE...INSANE IN THE BRAIN! When I was younger I was addicted to video games, so atleast I have a decent knoweledge of what's up, and yes, I still play Metroid Prime late at night (or replay Legend of Zelda: Windwaker). Wow...maybe I shouldn't post this stuff online.

But the main motive for getting a job is for the obvious gas money reason, and to go to more shows. I can't go to any if I don't have money. And the Dave concert is in July, and I must, must go. Also, the Neptune, NJ trip is in July, and I need to find funding for that as well.

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Jessica said...

JENN! NYC sounds awesome! You have been on my heart lately hope everything is well and I am praying for you!