Sunday, February 7, 2010

Elementary Sports

Carrie Underwood acabo de cantar. The Superbowl is about to start. For this house it means occasionally looking at the score and having an excuse to eat excessive amounts of chips and salsa.

Truth is, I've never cared for football. Infact, I don't know any of the rules to the game. I know what a touchdown is and interception (?). But thinking about sports today reminds me of how I used to be an atheletic kid, and how opposite that is today.

There are a few memories of my early childhood sports. When I was in kindergarden and first grade I played softball. The only thing I clearly remember is how one game they put me in outfield. I was staring at the seams of my glove, how they made a thousand little ties and squares and a few knots. For some reason, it was fascinating. A few minutes into my observation, I heard a ball pop off the other team's batter, and the ball magically landing in my glove. I stared up at my team mates and they came running over to me excited as poop because I had saved the game. That's one fine example of coincidental heroism.

Softball also had strange kid moments. Before a game in the summer I had just started using deoderant. Because it made my pits smell amazing, I thought, hey! I sweat on my arms during games! why not! And so I smeared deoderant stick all over my arms. My mom was pretty amused and confused as to why I would want to do that. Hm, I don't know why either.

I also had this attitude problem. One of my friends on the team, Jessie was her name, was the pitcher, and hit the other team's batter. I shouted "Yeah Jessie!", cheering on the violence. Sheesh, I bet her mom in the crowd still wants to strangle me to this day! HAHA

But then in third grade at Spring Run Elementary, I got into basketball. Since I was a fast growing kid at the time, and taller than the majority of the other girls, they placed me as center. Whenever we played a game I always felt proud of my responsibility. Yet, I was an aggressive kid and stole the ball atleast three times in the game because I was not afraid to get in those girls' faces. Yeah, that's right, I was a boss! Ha, not really.

After the games when we lost, we would all get in the line to high five the other team's hands, and instead I twisted their arms. For an entire season I got away with this until one of the last games, and the mom of one of the many victims confronted me holding her daughter's wrist, furious at my action. My mother was freaking out afterwards and thought that the family would end up suing me if there should be a spranged wrist or what not.

Once I moved to Powhatan I quit all sports because I was going through a very awkward and shy stage. Powhatan was so different from Chesterfield, the people were different, the camo and confederate flags terrified me (hahaha), and it was strange to go to a place I had never heard of in my life and leave all my old elementary school friends behind. However, I adjusted to my new home and discovered how much I loved music. That's when I began taking guitar lessons for two years, classical guitar. No, I don't remember how to play anything. Since then, music has been my thing ya hurd?

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Ktea said...

had no clue you played sports! that's pretty cool jennafah!