Saturday, February 20, 2010

King Harvest

Two of the best rock bands ever (in my opinion) have written some amazing music, with amazing relation in their lyrics and tone, their rythyms and harmonies, their rawness and their control. In times of the desert, what I need is a little bit of inspiration, a little bit of a push to keep on truckin'.

However, my life has brought many blessings this winter. Like great friendships being strengthened, some friendships taken away, news of what my future holds, the thoughts of who I am spiritually, the idea of a better way, the hazy nights, the glaring sun, the hiding moon, and the standing trees.

I have been selfish, devoted, too inward, too outward, loving, and hating. Isn't this normal? The spirals that conduct your life's actions and paint the sky grey or blue. Bittersweet moments are the most remembered, irony grips onto your mind and perplexes the most intellectual particles of your soul. Whether you believe in fate or not, some things you know were meant to happen, or not meant to happen.

The feeling of being threatened by an impossibility can encourage me more than the easy ticket sitting plainly infront of my chances. Perhaps this is why lust kills the innocence and joy we can lose so quickly.

I'm going to PCC tomorrow. Not sure why, but I am. It's been a long time. I'm not going to see anyone (not saying that in a mean's that people are not my encouragement this time), I'm going to see why God wants me there. Since last night questions have sprung into my noggin. The only way they can be answered are through meditating with the Lord. No matter what people believe in, I hope they hold ONTO that positive mystical power that fills their heart with happiness.

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