Monday, March 23, 2009

short update


I haven't blogged in what seems like a while compared to my usual habit of writing every other day. Well, I'm back.

And...there's not too much to say.

This isn't a bad thing whatsoever.

Inside there's been something accumulating all my knoweledge of Lord, of the love given to me and given back, the words of another going through a mental illness, that has given me silence. A pondering without startling fear. My hands aren't shaking as much.

Maybe I'm becoming calmer.

This whole trusting in God thing-

a little tip for everyone-

kinda really works in the long run I've noticed.

With anything,

great or bad.

There's this book my friend Marissa let me borrow the other day...and I love it. Some other people who have read it and find the guy depressing. The author does have depression, but I saw his book, "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now", as a creative way to express his feelings. I think that for people who don't even have clinical depression can relate to many emotions he conveys. Feeling alone, longing for someone who doesn't want you, and just disliking the world, I believe, are all common feelings. Or so I hope, because without these dark moments we wouldn't be able to appreciate the brighter ones. And pain is what makes us all the same in the end, and that can make us more secure with ourselves and with each other.

So check this guy's site out. Yes, there's a bit of inappropriate stuff.

My cousin, Sarah, and I have been hanging out a lot lately. It's so neat. This is an answer to one of my long said prayers to God. She moved back this past January. That was the first time I had seen in her in five years!! It's been really awesome to get to know someone within my family like I'm getting to know her. Infact, she just came over.

We watched this horrible movie, called the Chumscrubber. It was hilarious and bad!! We didn't really understand it....

And we try to play really trifling songs on guitar like "photograph" by nickelback....yeah! yeehaw!!

That's all for now... :D


Sykes Kid said...

Hey, the Lord really made me want write this "you are beautiful" b/c i heard Him say it as i read your blog

i'm so happy that i have sisters in Christ! b/c i have no blood sisters.

if you are ever in the VCU area, we should hang out!!

awesome about your cousin.


Ktea said...

a beautiful revolution is a ballin site
you are a ballin person
carra is a ballin person
this post is ballin
this comment is ballin

why am i saying ballin?