Monday, March 30, 2009


We know what it's like
to sit on the edge of indifference,
staring at a night sky filled with both stars and cigar smoke

The world is a cloak and fails to blind our sight,
from the blaring sound of God's communications.
Amplify, amplify, amplify,
these spurts and piling love,
so that the earth can see not East of Eden.

How does a tree swish softly in secrecy,
when its life is tremendous and wise?

How does the Lord dig into hidden cracks,
attack any oblivious pain
stuffed or slapped to the back of our brains?

The heart is a progressing element,
doomed to prepare for hurt,
and trained to overcome with Christ's mercy.

God's great weapon to put us in His planned place.

Something we don't deserve afterall,
Yet the Lord delivers us to stand tall,
so we never have to crawl into a sheltered corner of darkness,
ever again.

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