Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A List of Today's Observations

Some things I noticed today:

1.) The Powhatan County Library smells like fried rice
2.) Mr. Noechel is a whole lot younger than I thought
3.) Cinnamon graham ers are quite delicious
4.) If you blur your eyes while looking a fire exit sign, it looks like a bright red splash of neon powers.
5.) When people are awkward by themselves, it causes everyone around them to be awkward.
6.) Frantic self defense tends to be a conflict for people to overcome.
7.) God is amazing for creating hearts rather than just minds.
8.) God's word is only for the best, and never meant to harm us.
9.) Tortilla chips can pierce through the gums between your teeth pretty hard.
10.) Having the name "Jesus" on your cake makes it even more spiritually tasty.
11.) Janis Joplin had one heck of a voice, but made a drastic choice with in the end.
12.) Friends are supposed to be there when you do something wrong, not walk away and make you feel ashamed, but help.
13.) If there are problems and addictions in your family, you can be the one to stop it all by choosing to not continue the pattern.
14.) beaches must be awkward.
15.) The times we need silence the most can be the times we want distraction more than anything.
16.) Graham is a great dude, he deserves a lot of love.
17.) I can't control the uncontrollable.
18.) The english AP test really wasn't THAT hard.
19.) Before I take the leap and give my all to help others, it can't be too selfish to try fixing myself as well.
20.) Shannon, Audrey, Sarah, Brandon, and Jessie have constantly been there for me.
21.) My sister deserves the best guy out there. Enough with immature boyfriends.


Sykes Kid said...

bless you :)

see you saturday, probs! i'll need a music break from stencil work, katie and i have the same work to do (we are in the same imaging class!!!)

i like her music from her myspace!!!

and i really like number 8 on the list.
so true.


Kelley said...

I loved reading these! And you are welcome for #18.....

Sykes Kid said...

dude! was it "beautiful" by beth dillon? b/c that song always gets me!


or "aimless" phew man her music is so powerful.

i'm super stoked about the show, really going to try to make it!