Monday, March 1, 2010

some thoughts

It's been about a month or two since I've started trying to reform my relationship with Christ. There's this hard shell around my spirit that has yet to crack. I'm afraid of being completely vulnerable because new, thicker walls have been built by my concious. These walls can only be broken by Christ alone, and I have to let them be torn down eventually. I've been praying for that day to come, so I can wake up everyday with that love and comfort that He's granted me; so I can be encouraged to say NO with the wisdom to know the difference, to say YES and be AVAILABLE when He needs me to be His hands and feet. There's no longer this question of whether or not God exists in my life; because He is in the air I inhale and exhale, He puts my soul to rest even when I don't realize it. Now, I want to realize it and feel more thankful for that knoweledge.

People will always let you down. It's in our nature and that's perfectly fine. Because we have a beautiful King in Heaven that is perfectly planning our lives, that planned our lives forever ago and wants to see us prosper spiritually in His image.

GOD is great. No matter what lifestyle, choices, feelings, etc.....GOD is great.

GOD is great!

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Sarah Brawley said...

im posting this on my blog .i love you so much.