Saturday, March 27, 2010

Back to the Future and oh....senioritis...

It's saturday night, and I'm here at home alone watching Back to the Future. Great flick. Anyhow, I'm really excited and have been practicing my jazz beats. There has been a lot of tripping and falling on my part in my personal life, all due to me not looking at the traps on the ground. If there's one thing I want right now, it'd be stronger eyes through Christ. My actions lately have not been showing the love for Christ I really do have. And its brought out the worst in me.

The remedy to the problem is always helping others, or trying to show others how much I love them because I know Jesus put that emotion in my heart. Jesus is going to break the chains in my life soon, and He's going to give me opportunities I'd never thought of because of my availability in His name.

This second half of senior year reminds me alot of the late night drive home from a show, and stopping by a 711, totally out of it, all the lights too bright and you almost forget why you came in the first place. Going into school is similar to this sensation. I've always wondered why they decide to put 39082309 lights in one room. It burns my eyes and, literally, has been scientifically proven to cause headaches. All of the teachers voices have melted into one goo of "wah wah wahhhh". I'm drowning in the sea of senioritis.

There's this new thing I've decided to do for my friends. I'm not going to reveal what it is on here, but I know that I've been a selfish person and want to turn that around. Big time. I want to love, I don't want to self glorify.

My dreams have been strange lately. Last week, I dreamt that some friends and I skipped school to go to a strawberry field. As we were walking through this gorgeous valley, Mr. Noechel happened to be there. When he saw us he jumped in shock, "OH! What are you guys doing here?! I'm not here...well...." Which absolutely cracked me up when I awoke. Another one was last night, I dreamt I was riding in this car, this red car, with a person, and all these bizarre things kept occuring. I don't even know how to explain, so I'm not going to attempt!!

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Salty Duck said...

strawberry fields for-ev-VAH!