Wednesday, March 17, 2010

People are not one dimensional. We are multi-dimensional, and with so many different spiritual wires putting our souls together as we are. Along with this comes the inevitable nature of jealousy, anger, and sadness. It's very depressing to feel the worst of someone become the only thing you see. I try so hard to see people as good, but sometimes that can only hurt me worse. Friends I gained over the summer I've either pushed away too far or brought them in too close. The horizon is in my sight, but not exactly shining in my heart just yet. I know there is a foundation for my future in just a few months (school), and I will placed in a position with new people and probably a new life. Powhatan, its so lonely almost.

But everyday I think of certain things I've done over the past months and how its negatively affected some of my friendships. Even breaking one. It sucks. So bad. So bad. Especially when you are given all the blame for a two part occurence. Anyhow, I am going to try focusing on the bigger things rather than the small for now.

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