Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Crack Not Included"

A strange dream passed through my mind last night during slumber.

My friend, Kasey, told me to come to her house. I tried to get there, but it turned out this secret gang had taken over Schroeder Road in Powhatan and there was even a guard competition happening there at the same time. STRANGE.

So anyways, I get there, and time is warped. It seems that SOME houses are there, and others aren't. I could only get to one portion of the road, while the other half was nonexistent.

Katie Rusch was there (it turns out I was supposed to be a freshman in high school during this dream), and Carra Sykes was also there. I confronted them, panicky, saying, "DUDE! WE NEED TO FIX THIS!".

Immediately we broke through the time warp window, and realized everything was sculpted out of blackened cocaine. Because of certain footprints, I assumed that other people from PCC had tried to solve the warp. Carra jumped over some cocaine blocks to cross this green river, while Katie and I were like "DUDE WE DON'T WANT OUR FEET TO GET HIGH!"

And that's when we all said at once, "In this journey, CRACK IS NOT INCLUDED!".

We never reached Kasey, but atleast it was a crack-free trip. Because, well, crack is whack.


Ktea said...

home girl, crack is definitely wack... sorry i've been lame at responding to text's lately! everytime i get your text it's when i'm doing something and then i always forget to text back... im about to go to bed, but i'll try to text you tomorrow!

ps: glad to see that i'm popping up in your dreams and keeping my feet from getting high...

Beth said...

Whoa. That is really whack.

What an awesome dream!!!! You are even cool when you are sleeping, Jenn...