Friday, June 6, 2008

Something I've noticed

Hopelessness shreds faith, leading to an invisibly marred confidence. I can't say it any other way.

There have been certain individuals in my life that left as quickly as they came. I, too, have been that person in others' lives. Remembering can be the strangest action of all, the process of recollection is almost as if you're pulling old photographs off a forgotten bookshelf in your mind, maybe even your heart. Occasionally when I sit and listen to whatever happens to be around fails to distract my thoughts, it succeeds in bringing back things that I forced myself to forget, inviting the inevitable.

I do want some people back that I once had, I do want that short or maybe even long segment of ignorance to the expected consequences and endings. And maybe this is the reason why I now possess a wall of defense against those who try to enter my world in pure explosion, because I seem to flash back to what has happened in the past, and I learned from certain situations that someone's sudden entrance into my personal life is just as excellerating as their exit. And I don't blame anyone for that.

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