Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Human beings, we as ourselves, as the walking, breathing spectacle of spiritual intelligence, have a far way to go down. As in down, I mean reduction. The elimination of our selfish desires only brings us the joy of serving others, serving the Higher Power, and sticking to the senses of nature. Why do we instantly try to dive deeper within an emotion of happiness...sadness...greed...and then thrive upon its supply of reaction, the response of our own bodies that take these feelings and create an action.

So why have we tried to stray away from the fact that we, like the wilderness, are a part of it? If it were not for the cells that combine and divide in order to produce an infant, we wouldn't be here. The trees...if they were not present in our dark soil, then we couldn't breathe. And yet our wants to continue technological advancement is really out of protection rather than convienence. The world's people are competing amongst each other, where wealth and physical strength count most. Survival of the fittest, in a sardonic tone.

But why have we, as a "christian" nation, or a country that is supposed to represent freedom, peace, another chance, not grant that presentation to foreign countries? Is it really our government's right to call the shots on who to fight, who to kill. And kill we do. Well, it's not us at home comfortable with jobs, school, whatever it may be. Then it doesn't even come down to the individual when murder is placed on our name. But rather than label myself as an American, I think the only way to change the world's state is by the individual responsibility we all have. Although I am thankful for the protection and courtesy of our American Troops, I believe our nation as a whole does not understand the effect of sacrifice. Fighting never brings a positive connotation upon any being, any group of people. "MAKE ART NOT WAR" says the popular t-shirts hanging on a rack in your local wal-mart that was produced by a child working for five cents a week in an illegal factory in asia. There's so much greed, and so much shadowing of the truth of our violent acts, so we can keep supporting a war. I don't understand how fighting the terrorist group ENDS terrorism.

And that's the sacrifice. Would YOU be willing to put down a weapon, and surrender not specifically to the country, but to your own beliefs. Murder is wrong. When is it ever right? Honestly...when is murder everrrr right? When is it just? When is it acceptable in moral terms?

Bravery is shown by those who serve for our country. But there just has to be another way to solve the long lived problem (this problem that has been around since biblical times) of war. And I think that by stating I disagree with war, that is a start.

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Beth said...

Glad you are writing again.

I miss you.